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Ready to Tame Your Task List?

Kiss overwhelm goodbye, and say "Hello!" to focused days with these 3 simple steps.

Yes, I'm ready!
  • Simple  Focus

  • Realistic  Balance

  • Fun  Accountability

  • Focus on What Matters to You

    You have lists of things to do, but there's never enough time.

    Life is busy. We get it.

    We help women focus on the most important tasks each week....even if they're managing home, family, work, and more.

    • Quickly know which tasks you should focus on first.

    • Protect time for fun and family with our realistic balance approach.

    • Get helpful accountability on specific few tasks when you need it.

    Get Started With Your Simplicity and Focus Today

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    Become a Task Master

    Ready to become a Task List Master, but not ready for an accountability coach?

    The Task List Maters Self-Coaching Course is THE place for you!

    Find your focus and accountability in our private community (and it's not on social media).

    PLUS....Our members get the KEY to the Tame Your Task List Vault! We have resources, tip, and strategies so you can choose your own adventure to customize your plans.


    Take action with your Focus & Accountability Coaching Session

    When you have too many ideas to know what to finish next, it's time to hire a focus and accountability coach.

    From 1:1 focus strategy sessions to twice a week follow-ups, we coach you through finding focus and fun in your week.

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    Don't take our word for it...

    Here's what a few of our wonderful clients have to say

    Amy is my go-to for business decisions and accountability. Her wide-ranging knowledge of online business gives me confidence that I'm making good choices.

    Melanie Wilson

    Author & Podcaster


    Working with Amy helped me realized what I needed to address first while being flexible. I'm actually getting things done! I feel peace now and have the tools and systems to continue.

    Jessica Anderson



    I love how Amy asks questions to guide me to find the right solutions for my business. Plus, we have FUN figuring out things together. She's always cheering me on.

    Lynnie Wennerstrom

    Podcaster & Consultant


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    From the Podcast

    Listen to our most popular podcasts that have helped many people like you focus on what matters most to them.

    Surprises Can Help Simplify Things

    Do you like surprises?

    Whether you like surprises or want to avoid them, unexpected things are part of life and can help us see what's most important.

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    How to Reframe if You're Overwhelmed

    Does balance even exist anymore?

    Yes.... just maybe not in the way we think. Check out what realistic balance really is and how you can use it to enjoy daily life more.

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    How to Organize New Ideas

    Have lots of new ideas and projects?

    Ideas will keep coming, but here's a simple tip to manage those new ideas WITHOUT it crowding important tasks on your list.

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    Wouldn't it be great to be clear and focused about what should get your priceless time and attention ?

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    What We Do

    We help women transform all of their ideas, responsibilities, and goals into a realistic, actionable plan....even when they don't even know where to start.

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